About nucleo chemistry

Nucleo Chemistry is a professional technology based chemical company dedicated to the production and distribution of nucleoside and carbohydrate products. The company headquarter is in Shenzhen,closed to HongKong and manufacturing site located in Henan province and Chengdu,Sichuan province. Presently Nucleo Chemistry signs exclusive sales agreement with our invested factories respectively and distribute nucleoside and carbohydrate products on behalf of the factories. Working with top-tier industry and scientific collaborators,Nucleo Chemistry is building a deep pipeline in the field of nucleoside and carbohydrate.The company expertise in designing and manufacturing in this field has enabled Nucleo Chemistry to form alliance with top-classs pharmaceutical companies. In Nucleo Chemistry, our dedicated team focused on satisfying our customers need from small scale to commercial production. The professional quality, cutting-edge production technologies and State-of -the-art facilities as well as significant sales experience are our strengths to be depended on for customers.